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Enjoy free pick up & delivery for orders above $70
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Baby Carrier
Baby Carrier
Baby Carrier
All types of baby carriers

Baby Carrier

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Our definition of a baby carrier:
All types of portable baby carriers

Our cleaning area include: 
Entire baby carrier

Service Turnaround Time: 
Get your baby carriers deep cleaned and returned to you in 3-4 working days 

Our 9-step deep cleaning service includes: 

1) Full Dismantling of All Layers

2) Soap Bath

3) Steam Sanitization

4) Stain and Odor Treatment

5) Poo/ Pee/ Vomit/ Mold Treatment

6) Bacterial Disinfection

7) Customized Drying

8) UV Sterilization

9) Anti-Microbial Protection Spray (30 days)

Important things to note when using our service
1) Baby carriers will be washed using premium water-based detergents that are non-toxic and gentle on children's skin.

2) While deep cleaning will remove most stains, dirt and germs, it will not be able to reverse any damage that has been incurred through natural wear and tear. 

3) While we will do our best to deep clean your items, we cannot guarantee that all stains can be removed as it will depend on the condition of the item.

4) As our deep cleaning process includes soap bath with warm water for sanitisation purposes, do note that some stickers might fall off during the wash. 

4) For payment and delivery queries, please check out our FAQ page


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