Enjoy free pick up & delivery for orders above $70
Enjoy free pick up & delivery for orders above $70
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Boots and Winter shoes
Boots and Winter shoes
Boots and Winter shoes
Boots and Winter shoes
Boots and Winter shoes
Boots and Winter shoes
Boots and Winter shoes
Any type of boots (e.g Timberland, trekking or Hiking shoes) or Winter shoes

Boots and Winter shoes

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What does Boots & Winter Shoes consist of?
Any shoes with form of boots or winter use that are made with real or artificial materials (e.g leather, pleather, vegan leather, suede, nubuck, etc.) that cost less than $300 (For shoes above $300, please select Branded Shoes Cleaning)

Our cleaning area include: 
Deep Cleaning for upper, mid and inner soles. Light cleaning for bottom soles 

Our deep cleaning service includes: 

1) Dry Cleaning (Leather shoes) / Soap Bath (Fabric shoes)

2) Stain Treatment

3) Odor Removal

4) Bacterial Disinfection

5) Steam Sanitization (Suitable materials only)

6) UV Sterilization

7) Customized Drying

8) Leather Treatment + Conditioning (Leather shoes only)

9) Temporary Waterproof Spray (Complimentary)

Important things to note when using our service
1) Shoes in this category will be deep cleaned using dry cleaning technique. 

The process of professional dry cleaning uses products that are made for leather shoe cleaning

2) While we will do our best to deep clean your shoes, we cannot guarantee that all stains can be removed as it will depend on the condition of the shoes. 

3) Likewise, cleaning will not be able to reverse any damage that has been incurred through natural wear and tear (e.g mold stains, yellowing caused by oxidization, leather damage, etc.) If you would like to have the original colours restored, do consider adding our colour restoration services to your order. 

3) In the event that we deem your shoes to be unsuitable for deep cleaning (e.g shoes are too damaged/old), we will unfortunately have to reject your order. A refund will be issued to you accordingly. 

4) Please try to select the right category for the shoes that you are sending in for cleaning. In the event that the wrong category was chosen, we will have to request for you to top up the balance. Conversely, if you have overpaid, we will refund you the balance. 

5) For payment and delivery queries, please check out our FAQ page


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